DVB-S2X represents a major step forward to greater performance, greater efficiency, and lower cost.

At iDirect, our break-through growth strategy is taking you on the best path forward to take advantage of every new opportunity. We’re clearing the way for our partners well beyond the first wave of DVB-S2X through to unleashing the power, performance and efficiencies of the next generation of HTS.

You’ve come to the right place for the latest news and insights into what’s behind our plans:

  • Learn how a new state-of-the-art programmable ASIC chipset in our new iQ series remotes will exploit the full capabilities of S2X and deliver a revolution in bandwidth performance
  • See how the iDirect Intelligent Gateway will enable you to build out massive networks with greater speed and lower costs
  • Hear direct from the technology minds behind these key innovations, and discover what these advancements mean for you right now, and down the road

There’s never been a more exciting time to capitalize on your iDirect platform investment, and start your path toward tomorrow’s growth. Join us!

Get inside the story behind iDirect’s latest technology innovations:

Fast Forward: How to Win the Race for Business Opportunity

A new model for greater performance, efficiency and growth. Read about it now.

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