Winning in the new era of satellite means successfully shifting your business into high gear.

New, more powerful innovation from space must be matched with a dynamic technology strategy down on the ground.

One that positions you to:

  • Deploy faster, better networks
  • Lower the cost of service delivery
  • Achieve maximum value across all networks
  • Turn on service anywhere, anytime across the end-to-end network

For satellite operators and service providers, it’s a time of great opportunity, along with great challenge. New business models, more complex end-user demands and the need to equip networks with a new standard of infrastructure. And it all must happen with minimal interruption to operations and end customers.

Today, iDirect is evolving our technology to enable dynamic growth in a new era of opportunity. Consider it your Intelligent Path Forward, built around three major areas of technology innovation:

Maximizing Efficiency and Performance: To provide exponentially higher hub-side processing power to deliver HTS capacity.

Re-engineering Our Remote Portfolio: To continually take remote performance to the next level as throughput demands surge and new market applications emerge.

Scale and Extensibility: For customers looking to establish quicker paths to market for extending satellite into new network environments, as well as scale massive networks and infrastructure quickly and affordably.

Your Intelligent Path Forward Begins Now

Dial up your DVB-S2 investment today and get ready

for the next level of throughput with DVB-S2X tomorrow

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Competing in the global communications network today

means being able to rapidly respond to every customer need

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The Goal Is Simple

Position our partners for long-term growth with the ability to access a wide range of markets, manage operational and capital costs effectively and create unique value to customers.

End-to-End Perspectives

Industry experts discuss the latest technologies, partnership dynamics and future trends that will take satellite communications into the heart of the end-to-end network.

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All Apps on Board

Success in today’s mobility markets requires the ability to accommodate more people on the network at all times running more bandwidth-intensive applications.

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