Planning a Satellite 5G Future

A bold vision of a fully connected world and satellite has a starring role, but it’s going to require fundamental changes.

Understanding 5G Concepts

All this talk about 5G can be a little confusing if you don’t know the terminology and how these advances will impact satellite communications.

The telecom industry hopes that 5G will become a master wireless platform, able to merge mobile cellular, fixed broadband, and local area networks into one converged solution.

Introduces more intelligent routing that separates the data plane from the control plane to centralize decision making into a single flow controller for improved agility and efficiency.

What do we Mean by Satellite 5G?

Everyone is talking about 5G. It’s going to radically expand the capabilities of cellular wireless connectivity. But the underlying technologies also show promise to revolutionize satellite communications. Learn how a satellite-based 5G architecture will make VSAT a true “plug-and-play” telecom extension that is more responsive with lower operating costs.

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